Why choose Amit?

Amit has practiced and taught various styles of yoga for over 11 years.
he has knowledge of correct alignment and anatomy. he teaches from his experience and with an anatomical perspective. Students appreciate his open minded approach, coupled with his ability and knowledge to teach from a strong foundation of correct methodology. He gives useful variations in his own style; and also Ashtanga & Hatha classes. You will be shown how to practice in a way that is both safe and best suited to your body’s needs. Amit is not fixed with the postures taught in Series of yoga, he prefers to vary the practice for his students according to their body type and bone structure. All levels can join:
Beginners will feel safe with Amit, as he will not push you beyond your limits, starting from a strong foundation you will learn how to listen to your body in order to build confidence and comfort.

Matsheyenrasana1Intermediates can join too because it will help them to deepen and adjust their practice.

Advanced students can benefit from Amits knowledge of different body types (over 10 years of teachings) and therefore has a good sense of fine tuning adjustments hands on.


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