Here what some of the students have had to say about teacher:

“I came with no experience or knowledge in Yoga, and Amit taught me step by step in his unique and calm way. Beside being an extremely professional teacher, Amit has a great personality and attitude and lots of patience! I highly recommend his course – Amit made me wake up in the morning with a smile, feeling good and vital! Om Shanti!”  Maya Ben, Israel

“I took a combined course in McGleod Ganj with Amit: Reiki level 1, Yoga and Meditation. It was my first introduction to all three disciplines. Amit taught me the basics, but much more than that: he taught me the essence and value of energy work, something I am still practicing every day and for which I owe Amit my gratitude. His big smile, his eagerness to teach and to learn, his enthusiasm, his patience, his warmth, his genuine love of people and of the skills he wants to convey and pass on to others touch my heart deeply even still today. Amit is a great and highly skilled/ trained teacher with a profound dedication and true vocation to spread love, light and healing in this world through as many people as he can reach. Really, the world is blessed with a true and modest Light worker such as Amit. He has friends all over the world and keeps in touch with many, as with me and this is always a fun, valuable and wonderful exchange! And he even knows some Dutch words too! I hope you will experience this yourself as you take his courses! Love and Light to Amit and all you wonderful people out there reading this.” Clementine -The Netherlands

“After meeting Amit socially and being struck by his passion for NLP, yoga and life in general I decided to do a drop-in yoga class with him. I had thought of doing a TTC course in Rishikesh but was daunted by the sheer volume of courses and ashrams. I mentioned this to Amit and he explained to me about the Yoga TTC in Dynamic Hatha yoga was upcoming. He explained the particular aspects of the course and how they differed to other TTC courses on offer i.e. NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming and Ayurveda were part of the course and also the focus was on both alignment and flexibility. His clear and professional attitude to what he was offering encouraged me to attend the drop-in classes with a view to doing the TTC. The drop-in classes taught by Mira (Yogi and Occupational Therapist) and Amit provided me with enough reassurance to take the course.” Deborah, Ireland (to read full what Deborah said Click Here).

“Fun time doing courses in NLP, Reiki & Yoga with Amit. He is certainly a good teacher and therapist. I would recommend him to everyone that should come and visit him once! Thank you for your time and work!” Gemma UK

“It was fantastic experience doing a Dynamic Hatha Yoga Teacher Training by Amit Namdev. He has great knowledge of yoga and teaches with his passion. I learnt alot to be a yoga teacher, also learnt the understanding to how the mind and body works, how does the psychology works. They had put also some part / elements of NLP that was amazing experience. That made me see clearly, not only in my future teaching, but also in my friendship and relationship. All in all it makes the best choice to join them for the yoga teacher training in mcleodganj. I can highly recommend it to beginners, intermediate or advance, this training will certainly serve you something.” Heidi, Austria

“I had the pleasure of completing my Yoga TTC with Amit and Mira. Both provided professional teaching, fantastic explications and details behind asanas, and lots of fun, friendship and laughter (what yoga is all about)! I highly recommend this talented duo and I can’t wait to practice and learn with them again.” Cilla, Australia.

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